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Happy Healthy Customers

We first tried pasture-raised chicken from Triple R Pastures because we know the value of supporting small, local businesses, but we are repeat customers because the quality of their product is wonderful ... tender and juicy, natural and healthful ... the way chicken should be.
Missy - Walton, KY
We have purchased quite a few whole chickens from Ruegemer's Regenerative Ranch and have been very satisfied with the quality of each chicken. We have noticed that the cooking time is reduced to less time, possibly due to the leanness of the meat. The meat is very juicy and tender every time, unlike store bought chicken, which can be very dry. We definitely give it a 5 star rating!!
Jim and Jeannie - Walton, KY
From grilling, to baking, to instant pot, these chickens are amazingly tasty. We keep ours in the deep freeze and throw them in the instant pot and they go from frozen to done in an hour. The best tasting chicken we have ever eaten.
William -Verona, KY