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Our Story

Ruegemers Regenerative Ranch

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    As a young boy growing up in Minnesota, I had the opportunity to help our neighboring farmer on his conventional dairy operation. It was there that I acquired a passion for working with animals. After graduating from high school, I moved to Kansas for college. This is where I met Julie. Our love of horseback riding, an appreciation for country living, and, most importantly, our shared faith brought us together. We got married and began a new life in northern Kentucky.

     An unforeseen challenge arose which had its roots in the food industry. Due to eating the standard American diet, I developed eczema. It slowly spread and nothing seemed to help. It wasn't until I consistently ate high quality foods that I was able to overcome my eczema.

    This made me curious, and I did extensive research on farming in America. My eyes were opened to how bad the food industry really is. The current farming model of food quantity vs quality is at the expense of our soil and our health. Without changing America's approach to farming we will continue to degenerate the land and become more dependent upon chemical farming and its unethical methods. Our country needs regenerative farmers who concentrate on food quality rather than food quantity.

     This discovery has set my wife and I on a journey to start our own farm: Ruegemer's Regenerative Ranch or "Triple R". Like many other farmers in this regenerative movement, we hope to enrich the land and heal the people that inhabit it.

Your local farmer,

Gilbert Ruegemer

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