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Our Farming Principles

Pasture-Based, Regenerative,
Modeling Nature, Transparent

Pasture Based -

We are proud to say that we are a pasture based operation. The animals raised on Triple R Pastures are given fresh pasture daily. They inhabit clean environments free from parasites and and detrimental bacteria which eliminates the need for antibiotics, medications, and vaccines.  Daily access to fresh pasture allows the animals to take in the vitamins and minerals within the healthy soils which create a more nutritionally dense meat.


Due to an industrial food and farming system, America is left unhealthy and with depleted soils. At Triple R, we stress the importance of regenerating the land, animals, and human health. Instead of confining the animals in a concrete building, we put them out on the land allowing them to fertilize and build the soil. We continuously are researching new ways to better manage the land which creates healthy animals and healthy people. 

Modeling Nature-

We place animals in an environment that is most natural to them and continually observe to see how we can improve our practices to better work with nature. 


Most importantly, we are transparent. We are focused on being open and honest with our customers, which in turn creates an honest product you can feed your family with confidence.