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Tour of 100% Grass-fed Cows

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November 19, 2022

I farm in a way that models nature. Instead of confining the animals in large barns, the animals are on pasture as God intended. Rather than using many chemicals to keep the animals alive in atrocious conditions, I rotate them regularly from field to field and keep them healthy naturally.


1ST. It heals the land. The animals temporarily disturb the ground and fertilize it, then leave it to rest.

2ND. It’s healthy for the animals. They leave behind their feces instead of standing in them. This eliminates the need for antibiotics and many other artificial interventions. Also, the animals take in much nutrition by moving onto fresh pasture.

3RD. It’s healthy for you. Because the animals are raised without chemicals, there is no worry about toxins. More importantly, you get nutrient-dense meat's vitamins, minerals, and detoxifiers.

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