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Bone-in Pork Chop

Bone-in Pork Chop

1 lb. avg/pkg

Our products are free from: hormones, steroids, GMOs, antibiotics, animal by-products, MSGs, nitrites and nitrates, and sugar.


We farm in a way that models nature. Instead of confining the animals in large barns, the pigs are in the woods as God intended. Rather than using many chemicals to keep them alive because of atrocious and unatural living conditions, they happily roam our acorn glens in our rotational grazing paddocks. 

They forage for acorns, walnuts, roots, and other sweet treats provided by nature. Because they are not left to stand in their feces, it eliminates the need for antibiotics and other artificial interventions. They are also supplemented with a non-GMO grain to meet any other nutritional needs. 

They take in much nutrition by moving regularly through the woods, which means this nutrition is passed on to you through the meat! When you eat our woodland pork, you receive the micro and macronutrients the pigs receive through the fresh and diverse diet they eat.