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Dozen Eggs

Dozen Eggs

1 Dozen Pastured Eggs

Pasture-raised eggs (pretty much a multivitamin, minus vitamin C).

A study from Polyface farms (whose chickens raised almost identical to how we raise ours) pasture-raised eggs showed the following results:

  • 20xs more folic acid (which is crucial during pregnancy for the baby's brain and spine development) 
  • contains all the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K2) 
  • Up to 2x more vitamin E 
  • Up to 38% more concentrated vitamin A
  • Higher omega-3

 Our chickens are moved to fresh pastures daily. This means they are never standing in their own manure, which is a huge contributor to their overall health. They aren’t exposed to crazy levels of parasites and bacteria, like the animals raised in the conventional model. Instead, they take in the vitamins and minerals within the healthy soils which create a more nutritionally dense meat. Their access to a diverse diet ensures that we get all of the vitamins and minerals we need.

Our products are free from: hormones, steroids, GMOs, antibiotics, vaccines, animal by-products, MSGs, nitrites and nitrates, and sugar. 

Enjoy our products guilt-free!