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Dozen Eggs

Dozen Eggs

1 Dozen Pastured Eggs
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Did you know that high-quality, actual pasture-raised eggs are pretty much a multivitamin, minus vitamin C?! How great is that to know that you can receive so much nutrition from one source! 

Let me tell you a little about how we raise our pasture-raised chickens to produce the highest-quality, nutritionally-packed eggs that you can enjoy.

Our chickens are kept in a mobile chicken netting and stand protected by our great pyrenes, Jake. We rotate their coop and netting throughout our grassy pastures, allowing the chickens to enjoy a fresh variety of grasses and bugs. They are also supplemented with non-GMO grain from a local mill to meet any additional nutritional needs. 

Because they are moved frequently, they aren't left to stand in their manure, which means they aren’t exposed to crazy levels of parasites and bacteria. This contributes to an overall healthy and happy chicken, and healthy chickens produce healthy eggs. Additionally, they are free to roam about, taking in the vitamins and minerals within the healthy soils. 

You will notice that the yokes from our eggs are a dark, rich color. This is a good indication of how rich the eggs are in vitamins and minerals. (Note that the yoke color won't be quite as dark in the winter season since there are fewer fresh grasses and bugs for them.)

A study from Polyface farms, whose chickens are raised almost identically to ours, showed the following results for pasture-raised eggs:

  • 20xs more folic acid (which is crucial during pregnancy for the baby's brain and spine development) 
  • contains all the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K2) 
  • Up to 2x more vitamin E 
  • Up to 38% more concentrated vitamin A
  • Higher omega-3

Our products are free from: hormones, steroids, GMOs, antibiotics, animal by-products, MSGs, nitrites and nitrates, and sugar. 

Enjoy our products guilt-free!